Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Keir Starmer

An offer to MPs

It has now become impossible to rely on the veracity of any statement by this government, on any topic.

This places a special responsibility on MPs. In normal times, you would expect to circulate such statements without question within your constituency, through conventional local media, through social media, in correspondence and personal meetings. If you do this now, you may find yourself lying to or misleading your constituents. Apart from your personal honour you may well wish to avoid this because it is politically unwise and could if exposed threaten your majority.

We are therefore offering you and your colleagues a confidential pre-assessment service for any government statement or propaganda intended for your constituency. For a basic subscription of £50 per month, we will look at any material intended for national or general use before you put it out. We will have to charge more to do this for any material which is local in character to allow for the additional detailed research this will require.

We believe that this could be a valuable service not just for you and your constituents but also for the whole country and would raise the truthful output of this – and future – governments. We realize that it could be embarrassing for you to make use of it, especially if you are, or hope to become, a minister, and we guarantee that we will never reveal that you have used our service.

For those interested in making use of our service please get in contact here

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