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“I will not allow a foreign court, like the European Court of Human Rights, to block these flights”

PM Rishi Sunak, X Post


Following the UK’s Supreme Court’s blocking of the ‘Rwanda policy’, Rishi Sunak stated on X that he “will not allow a foreign court, like the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), to block these flights.”

The ECtHR is an international court that enforces the European Convention on Human Rights, which the UK signed in 1951. The ECtHR is therefore not a “foreign court”.

In April 2022, the UK announced a new immigration policy aimed at reducing asylum seekers. This policy would force some individuals arriving in the UK without proper documentation to be sent to Rwanda for their asylum claims to be processed.

In June 2022 the ECtHR blocked the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda.

In December 2022 the UK High Court ruled the government’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda to be lawful. In June 2023 the UK Court of Appeal overturned the High Court ruling, saying the policy leaves people sent to Rwanda open to human rights breaches.

On 15 November 2023 the UK Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Court of Appeal ruling finding the policy unlawful.


Rishi Sunak has misled his 2.3 million X followers. 

The European Court of Human Rights is not a “foreign court”. 

The UK Supreme Court, whose decision Rishi Sunak was reacting to, is not a foreign court either. 

We emailed Rishi Sunak’s office and Downing Street offering them the chance to respond. The email was received, but no reply. 

Published 28 Jun 2024
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