Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”If he would like to help to correct the record, he could publish the manifesto that he stood on, which would have weakened this country and dismantled Nato”

Penny Mordaunt, leader of the House of Commons, answering a point of order from Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn – as he was entitled to do – made a point of order in the Commons suggesting that the Prime Minister correct the record following remarks about him made in the Commons chamber by Rishi Sunak the previous day. 

He pointed out first that Sunak had broken the Commons convention which demands that MPs should give advance notice if they plan to mention another MP on the floor of the chamber. More significantly, Corbyn noted that the Prime Minister had given what he called “a wholly inaccurate representation” of the 2019 Labour manifesto.  

Rather than apologise, Ms Mordaunt actually repeated Sunak’s falsehoods about the former Labour leader. I rang Mordaunt’s office to ask what action she’s taken about the Corbyn complaint. No response.


Penny Mordaunt misled the House of Commons. She has not corrected her false statements, meaning that she is in breach of the Ministerial Code.

We reached out to Penny Mordaunt’s office and the office for the Leader of the House of Commons and asked “In addition to any comments you may have on our below analysis, we would also like to ask if there has there been any action taken in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s complaint.” The email was received by both, but no reply.

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