Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Keir Starmer

“I’m ending the farce of illegal migrants being put up in hotels”

PM Rishi Sunak, Twitter


On 7 August Prime Minister Rishi Sunak posted a video to Twitter outlining five things he is doing “to stop the boats”. Number four on the list was “ending the farce of illegal migrants being put up in hotels”. 

It is true that the Government has made plans to move more than 5,000 asylum seekers out of hotels and into other forms of accommodation “to drive down the cost of expensive hotels”. 

An official news story released by the Government on 5 June 2023 states, however, that the Government is reducing the use of hotel rooms, not “ending” their use. 

The story states “The government will also ensure asylum seekers are not routinely being given single hotel rooms at great expense to the taxpayer. Instead, asylum seekers will roomshare across hotels, which will save £250 million a year and could reduce the need to source an additional 90 hotels”


Rishi Sunak would have been telling the truth if he had confined himself to informing his two million Twitter followers  that he planned to reduce the number of hotel rooms. But he didn’t tell them that. He said that he would end it.

Yet another example of the Prime Minister making a false statement about migrants. 

We emailed Rishi Sunak’s office and Downing Street offering them the chance to respond. The email was received, but no reply. 

Published 28 Jun 2024
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