Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”It is the politics of yesterday with him, or the future of the country with me”

PM Rishi Sunak, House of Commons


At Prime Minister’s Questions, Sunak said that Labour represents, “the politics of yesterday,” and Conservaitves, “the future.”

New polling carried out by Pollsters Omnisis found that 41% see Starmer’s party as representing the future of the country, as opposed to just 21% who say the same of Sunak’s party.


We can’t say for sure that Sunak’s claim is false,  but it’s contradicted in the opinion polls. 

We emailed Rishi Sunak’s office and Downing Street offering them the chance to respond. The email was received, but no reply.

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