Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”Many will never get their head around the fact that the Prime Minister remains immensely popular across the country.”

Sir Bill Wiggin MP, House of Commons


On 13th June 2022 YouGov found that 56% of all adults in Britain considered the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to be ‘dislikeable’. It remained the case that a majority considered him ‘dislikeable’ on the 8th August (51%).

On 3rd July 2022 YouGov found that 71% of all adults considered Johnson to be doing “badly” as Prime Minister. On the 31st July this had decreased to 66%. 


Sir Bill Wiggin’s statement that Johnson was “immensely popular” was untrue, as polling evidence shows.

Additional Note:

We wrote to Sir Bill giving him the opportunity to respond. Here is his reply: 

“Dear Mr Willcocks,

Thank you for your courtesy, I appreciate the email…

Your statistics suggest the PMs dislike-ability as 51%  as opposed to Sir Keir Starmer who was on 54% disapproval and 28% approval at approximately the same time.

I agree that the yougov statistics do not give exact comparisons making it clearer that – many will never get their heads around the fact.

I can see how you may feel that I may have exaggerated by using “immensely” but I have asked for legal advice on the implication that my comments were “untrue”.

I respectfully ask you to not defame me.

Thank you again for your message

Yours sincerelySir Bill Wiggin MP”

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