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‎Suella Braverman is “absolutely” a politician of integrity

Michael Gove, Levelling up Secretary, BBC


In an interview for BBC News Michael Gove was asked whether Suella Braverman was a “politician of integrity”, to which he responded, “absolutely.”

Braverman left the cabinet under Liz Truss’ premiership after being found to have broken the ministerial code. Braverman used a private email address to send material to John Hayes, a Conservative MP. She tried to copy in Hayes’s wife, and mistakenly sent it to a staff member working for another backbencher, Andrew Percy. Andrew Percy informed the chief whip of the breach.

This website contains several cases of dishonesty and fabrication by the Home Secretary. See here, here and here.


Michael Gove’s assertion that Suella Braverman was “absolutely” a “politician of integrity” was false. In fact it was the opposite of the truth.  

We emailed Michael Gove and Suella Braverman’s office offering them the chance to respond. The email was received, but no reply.

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