Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”That money is now in the NHS.”

Simon Clarke, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Sky News


When asked by Sky’s Kay Burley about the £350m that was promised to the NHS during the Brexit campaign, Mr Clarke responded: “That money is now in the NHS.” 

He added: “For the 70th anniversary of the NHS, back in 2018. We gave a funding settlement to the NHS which was actually larger than that sum and that was Theresa May’s announcement back in 2017.”

This £350m figure has been debunked. As the website Full Fact pointed out: “We have never paid the EU £350 million a week and we have never owed the EU £350 million a week. After we leave the EU, that means we cannot take back control of £350 million a week.

We approached Simon Clarke’s office to give him a chance to comment, but received no response. When we approached the Treasury for comment, a spokesperson questioned our credentials as a “bona fide media outlet”.


Treasury minister Simon Clarke was misleading the public when he claimed that the £350m a week  “is now in the NHS.”

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