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“The Rwanda scheme is … a worthwhile investment”

PM Rishi Sunak, Sky News interview


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claimed in a Sky News interview that the “The Rwanda scheme is … a worthwhile investment.”

In April 2022, the UK announced a new immigration policy aimed at reducing asylum seekers. This policy would force some individuals arriving in the UK without proper documentation to be sent to Rwanda for their asylum claims to be processed.

A National Audit Office report from March 2024 reveals that the scheme will see the Home Office pay £370 million to Rwanda under the Economic Transformation and Integration Fund.

On top of that figure, the UK will send another £120 million once the first 300 migrants have been relocated, with an additional £20,000 paid to Rwanda for every asylum seeker relocated there.

Further, the government will also pay £150,874 per person in order to cover asylum processing and integration expenses.

As of writing (22/05/2024) no asylum seeker has yet been sent to Rwanda.


Readers can judge whether or not the Rwanda scheme is a “worthwhile investment.”

We emailed Rishi Sunak’s office and Downing Street offering them the chance to respond. The email was received, but no reply. 

Published 28 Jun 2024
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