Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”The top 180 innovations we’ve had, medical devices and all sort of stuff that’s improving care around the world, how many are used in the NHS? None.”

Penny Mordaunt, Channel 4


Penny Mordaunt asserted that the NHS did not use any of the ‘top 180’ innovations in the medical sector for improving care. She repeated this claim in a since-deleted tweet.

There is no available list of the ‘top 180 innovations’ Mordaunt describes. She has offered no clarification about what these innovations are, how they are used and where they can be found. 


Mordaunt’s assertion has no evidence. She has provided no information about the ‘top 180’ innovations in the medical sector to which she referred, while the use of an arbitrary number (180) is yet to be justified.

We approached Penny Mordaunt’s office to give her a chance to comment, but received no response.

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