Lies, Falsehoods and Misrepresentations from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak

‎”We are starting to build the temporary ward capacity at Charing Cross and the first phase of work is under way on the cardiac elective recovery hub, to bring cardiac work on to the Hammersmith site”

Steve Barclay, Health Secretary, House of Commons


Speaking in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Steve Barclay stated that refurbishing works, as part of the government’s “40 new hospitals” pledge, were already under way at two London hospitals. 

The Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which manages the hospitals, told the BBC that work under the scheme had not started at either building. 

Andy Slaughter, Labour MP, told the BBC, “I have no doubt that he [Steve Barclay] misled parliament.” He added, “he said works were under way at Charing Cross and Hammersmith. I spoke to the trust and they said they had no idea what the government was talking about”

Barclay has since corrected the official record.


Steve Barclay misled the House of Commons. He then corrected the record. If only ministers would do so on the many other occasions when the House has been misled. 

We gave the Department of Health and Social Care the opportunity to respond to the above commentary. The substantial content of their reply was as follows:

“Our latest lines on the NHP can be found here:

Within the DHSC document can be found the following relevant statements: “The government is on track to deliver the manifesto commitment to build 40 new hospitals in England by 2030.”

“We are on track to deliver the manifesto commitment to build 40 new hospitals in England by 2030.”

“The definition of a new hospital is: a major new clinical building on an existing site or a new wing of an existing hospital, or a major refurbishment and alteration of all but the building frame or main structure.”

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